FY 2015 Annual Report

Our fiscal year ended April 30, 2015. During that year, our village’s Representative to the Columbia Board of Directors was Gregg Schwind. The members of our Village Board of Directors were:

  • Linda Hitzelberger, Chair
  • Jerry Lioi, Vice-Chair
  • Miles Coffman
  • Tom Louden
  • Michelle Wood

Village Board Projects

The Village Board worked on the following issues this past fiscal year:

  • Hickory Ridge Village Center Park development
  • Survey about CA parcel at Hickory Ridge Village Center
  • Signage at the Hickory Ridge Village Center
  • Mailing absentee ballots to every village household
  • Changes to Architectural Guidelines & RAC/AC By-Laws
  • Discussion of New Town Zoning with Howard County Council
  • Street parking around Atholton High School
  • Howard Community College Master Plan
  • Formation of the Hickory Ridge Watershed Advisory Committee
  • Planning the Open Streets Howard County event
  • Various building projects in and around Hickory Ridge
  • Joint meeting of Hickory Ridge’s smaller homeowners’ associations

Covenant Work

This year the Resident Architectural Committee reviewed 234 Exterior Alteration Applications, approving 189 through the regular process, and 38 via our Fast Track process. The RAC denied 1 application. The following volunteers served on the RAC this past fiscal year:

  • Dianne Earley, Chair
  • Linda Loesch, Vice-Chair
  • Debbie Cline
  • Barbara Condron
  • Kathy Mardaga
  • Skye Anderson
  • Bob Opatovsky

Appeals are heard by the Architectural Committee, which is composed of three Village Board members and two RAC members. No appeals were heard in FY2015. Tom Louden chaired the AC, joined by Michelle Wood, Miles Coffman, Dianne Earley and Linda Loesch.

During this period, the covenant advisor handled 218 new covenant violation cases and resolved 215 covenant cases. In FY2015, 2 cases were sent to Columbia Association for legal action, and 11 cases carried over into FY2016. The Association received 105 requests for a Letter of Compliance, and issued 87 Letters of Compliance.

Special Events

Our Special Events Coordinator, Joan Lancos, planned the following events in FY2015:

  • 4 Family Bingo Nights
  • 50+ Lunches (3)
  • Wine Tasting
  • Family Pool Party
  • Village Yard Sale
  • Landscaping Classes
  • Volunteer Party
  • Family Holiday Event
  • Ice Cream Social
  • Holiday Craft Show
  • Searching for Spring
  • Village Election
  • Ladies Night Out
  • School’s Out Lunches
  • Open Space Crew Lunch
  • Flea Market
  • Prepare to Care Event
  • Lifetime Transitions
  • 2 Shredding/E-cycle Events


In FY2015, the village offered the following services:

  • Notary Public
  • Postage stamps
  • Laminating
  • Reader’s Exchange Ads
  • Block Party Grants
  • Mowers list
  • Faxing & Copy Services
  • Maps & schedules
  • Cul-de-sac Grants
  • Snow Shovelers List
  • Columbia Cards
  • Scoop the Poop signs
  • Storm water assessments
  • Soil sample dropoff site

FY15 Budget

The village association brought in $359,470 income. Expenses were $360,743. The village reserve account (savings) totals $44,948. $256,798 of our income is our share of the CA special assessment that all Columbia residents pay yearly. Here is a breakdown of the budget:

CA Assessment Share $256,798
Rentals $  88,192
Interest $       123
Special Events $    4,631
Fees $    1,583
Miscellaneous $    8,142
Total $359,470
Staff Salaries & Benefits $213,403
Payroll Taxes $  14,357
Contract Labor $       241
Janitorial Expenses $  28,280
Fees $  14,339
Operating Expenses $  17,064
Taxes/Insurance $    5,445
Advertising $    4,812
Newsletter $  31,721
Contributions $       450
Special Events $    8,836
Utilities $  11,929
Maintenance $    5,190
Furniture & Fixtures $       164
Depreciation $    4,512
Total $360,743

Why We Need Family Bingo this Friday – More Than Ever!

Okay, so maybe our community hasn’t been so lucky this Winter. I have lost count of how many days school has been closed in the past two months. In fact, I have lost count of the days. Howard County is running out of road salt, and I am running out of patience with my kids. Can anyone relate?

Thankfully, there will be another Family Bingo Night this Friday night to keep us all sane. What’s so magical about Bingo Night?

1. It’s cheaper than the movies or the mall. Bingo cards are 5 for $1.00. Drinks are $.75 each. Bingo daubers are less than $2. Snacks are FREE. It’s so cheap, you can bring your kids’ friends and look like a hero to their parents.bingo

2. We have new Spring prizes. Besides the standard fare, we will also have a few new Spring and St. Patrick’s Day themed prizes (sorry, no green beer — actually, no beer at all). And there’s always CASH for winners to boot.

3. Your kids will look at you, not a screen. Okay, they might be staring at their bingo card a lot too, but they will at least be forced to interact with you face-to-face to beg for a soda or a dauber. No avatars allowed!

4. Bad jokes make everything better. You’ll laugh! You’ll groan! Our Village Manager always trots out a few horribly corny jokes to spice up the evening — for no extra charge!

5. FREE Cheese Curls. Admit it. You love cheese curls. Your kids love cheese curls. But you don’t buy them because — Eww! What are they made of? And the orange slime they leave on your fingers is just nasty. But everychild deserves a disgustingly delicious cheese curl from time to time, and since we provide them at no cost to you they can indulge (because it’s a SPECIAL OCCASION) and you don’t have to buy any junk food!

See! It’s the best Friday night event in Howard County, and it’s only at The Hawthorn Center. Come join the fun – no reservations required! Just bring your cash and your lucky charms! We will see you then.