5 Reasons why FALL Family Bingo Night is Awesome

Friday, September 25 is another fabulous Family Bingo night at The Hawthorn Center. This is an awesome thing to do with your kids. Here are 5 good reasons to come play with us this Fall.

1. It’s super-cheap. Bingo cards are 5 for $1.oo. Drinks are $.75 each. Bingo daubers are less than $2. Snacks are FREE. Yes, free. All the cheese curls, pretzels, and popcorn your kids can eat for FREE. It’s so cheap, you can bring your kids’ friends and look like a hero to their parents.

2. Your kids (and you) will love the prizes. We have NEW prizes, plus the stuffed animals, notepads, and pencils that kids love. And when kids win, they get to go CHOOSE their prize from the winner’s table. How cool is that? Not like those school fun fairs where they just hand you a plastic top or Chinese finger trap. Here, you have the power to choose your reward. We have some nifty prizes for adults too. And there’s always CASH for winners to boot.

3. It gets you out of watching another LAME family movie with the kids. Seriously. Every family movie EVER was watched in my house over the summer because the basement was the coldest room in the house. If you have started watching those painful Disney sequels on Netflix (Hunchback of Notre Dame II, anyone?) you need to STEP AWAY FROM THE TV. Get out of the house and do something as a family that doesn’t involve a screen.

4. It teaches your kids important skills. Okay, this is a stretch —  but they do have to listen carefully or they’ll miss the number being called. Plus, since the odds are against them they’ll probably learn about being a good loser and how to handle disappointment. You could also give them a budget for the night and help them decide how to spend it. It’s almost like school, right? Right? But with cookies and soda.

5. BINGO is FUN for adults! Admit it. You secretly love it. The thrill of ALMOST winning every single game combined with the fun of stamping your bingo card with a dauber is good, old-fashioned, corny fun. Besides, you can’t attend frat parties anymore and you can’t afford a babysitter, so come on down.

Friday, September 25 at The Hawthorn Center. No reservations required — just show up! We start playing at 7:30 pm.

We will have a dauber with your name on it. 🙂



Village-Wide Yard Sale this Saturday, September 13!

This Saturday from 8 am – 12 pm, residents throughout Hickory Ridge will be holding yard sales! Look for RED ribbons on street signs in addition to the typical yard-sale signs. Below is a list of streets that are participating BY NEIGHBORHOOD:


  • Birdsong Pass
  • Blue February Way
  • Blue Flag Way
  • Bridlerein Terrace
  • Flywheel Court
  • Gold Needle Way
  • Harmel Drive
  • Iron Frame Way
  • Little Patuxent Parkway
  • Lonetree Court
  • Morningmist Court
  • New Country Lane
  • Sleepy Horse Lane
  • Watch Chain Way


  • Frostwork Row
  • Harpoon Hill
  • Martin Road
  • Sebring Drive
  • Springing Step
  • Whitewasher Way


  • Bright Plume
  • College Square
  • Cordage Walk
  • Golden Hook
  • Plaited Reed
  • Resting Sea
  • Slender Sky
  • Sunny Spring

Please see below for a map of the village. The yard sale will be held RAIN OR SHINE! Happy bargain hunting!


Map of Hickory Ridge

And don’t come inside until you’ve met someone new!

[In the interest of recycling, this is an edited version of a post written last summer in honor of National Night Out. The 2014 NNO is TONIGHT!]

Remember the good old days of summer? When our parents kicked us outside and told us we couldn’t come in until dinnertime? Or better yet, the long lazy days of summer when we went BACK outside after dinner and stayed out playing flashlight tag and catching fireflies until our parents hollered for us (using our middle names) to come in and take a bath?

These days, our lives are so busy and we are so “plugged in” to phones, computers, TVs, and the like that the idea of going outside at night seems strange. Plus, it could be dangerous. Who else might be out there? Creepy people? Criminals?

Guess what — the creeps won’t hang around if you and your neighbors are outside. If neighbors are talking regularly, looking out for each other, and making it clear that they care about their street, crime drops. That’s the idea behind National Night Out. National Night Out (NNO) is designed to promote involvement in crime prevention activities, police-community partnerships, neighborhood camaraderie and send a message to criminals letting them know that neighborhoods are organized and fighting back.

This year, National Night Out is TONIGHT, Tuesday, August 5. It may be too late to plan a full-on block party for tonight, but don’t let that stop you from getting outside with your neighbors.

NNO events can be as simple as everyone sitting in lawn chairs at the cul-de-sac (use the KISS principle), or could include an ice cream social or even a cookout (if you’re the Martha Stewart type). If you’re already using Nextdoor.com, it’s as easy as a quick post announcing a BYOP (Bring your own popsicle) gathering at the playground! It’s up to you – the important thing is that neighbors get outside and talk to each other on August 5! And don’t come back inside until you’ve met someone new!